How much is staff absenteeism costing your business?

Staff absenteeism is never a good thing at the best of times and if it happens when your business is on it’s knees then it could prove fatal.

First let’s define what is meant by staff absenteeism? Quite simply it is when staff who should be working for you at any particular time are not. Typically, this is for genuine reasons such as illness, self-isolating, bereavement, work related stress, family emergency, etc. However, more concerning and indeed recent, COVID related, reasons could include fear (of coming into work), violation of values (endangering vulnerable family members) or depression.

How it is impacting your business?

Whatever the reason though, it is impacting on your business right now. This impact can manifest itself in a number of different ways:

  1. difficultly with manufacture or service provision
  2. difficultly in making decisions
  3. difficultly in accessing specialist knowledge
  4. difficultly in selling
  5. difficultly in marketing support
  6. difficultly in logistics
What you can do to put it right in the short term

I will list in the same order, possible solutions:

  1. Apply triage to your commitments and prioritise (think hospital A&E) e.g. legal commitments > your most profitable customers > long product runs > 24hr operations > etc
  2. Encourage remote decision making or empower less senior managers
  3. Minimise the need for specialist input and play it safe until the employee returns
  4. Focus efforts on prioritising profitable customers > big customers > new companies with a similar profile to your most profitable customers > small customers. (Don’t be scared to use a traffic light type system where each lead is assigned a colour etc, to help others prioritise their time.)
  5. See paragraph below
  6. Temporary outsource to a full service freight forwarder if relating to shipping or get in temporary staff to help out with administrative logistics
Where we can help your business

The good news however is that at least one of these difficulties has a definite solution. We can provide you with next day marketing support. Whether you need a pair of virtual hands for a few hours, quick specialist help or a long-term army of in-office marketers, then My Marketing Dept can help you. You have worked hard to keep your business going through the pandemic. It would be a tragic thing indeed if you allowed a shortage of marketing support to jeopardise your business when you knew you could have done something about it.

Published by Andre Alford

As a registered Chartered Marketer since 2013, Andre has supported the growth of four businesses totalling £61m in combined additional revenue. He has full service marketing experience ranging from product definition to organizing tradeshows, PR campaigns and advertising campaigns. Previously a Chartered Engineer too, Andre is a person of considerable vision that has enabled him to come up with multiple innovative ideas and patents. His management experience comes from managing large teams, large projects and from being a director on the board of a web-directory service. Andre’s management style is a coaching-type one, where he enjoys helping others to discover and exploit their natural talents.

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