Are you out of your comfort zone?

If you have not needed to leave your comfort zone, regarding your work, in the last twelve months then consider yourself fortunate. The COVID-19 restrictions have meant millions of people have had to learn new skills and find new ways to remain in business.

There are two types of ‘outside’ to your comfort zone

It is perfectly normal to not want to leave your comfort zone. Stepping outside it means risk. Risks include embarrassment, failure, confusion, loss, tiredness, waste and inefficiently. It is amazing on the face of it that anyone does choose to leave their comfort zone voluntarily ever. However, taking risks, as we all know, can come with benefits.

The good outside

The good outside of your comfort zone is when the reward for taking the risk will benefit you or your business. Ideally, the benefit should be skills or knowledge that will be used regularly and should either make you more productive or make you happier. An example of this would be if you risked a few hours of your time to learn a new IT skill. The benefit would be perhaps to make a weekly task less arduous and therefore making you more productive or happier.

The bad outside

The bad outside of your comfort zone is when the reward for taking the risk will not benefit you or your business. A typical indicator of this type of situation is where your new skill or knowledge will not be required again. There is the real risk of you becoming less productive and less happy. An example of this is logo design. Businesses use the same logo for years and by the time you have purchased and learnt how to use unfamiliar software you could have outsourced this task to a third party at a friction of the cost. Your new found skills at logo design may not be needed ever again.

Before you step outside

To conclude then, before you step outside your comfort zone, ask yourself if your new skills or knowledge will be required again and if the deployment of these new skills brings with it additional risks. If the answer is yes, then consider outsourcing the task to a third party. My Marketing Dept, as a full service national marketing agency, provides outsource help for a wide range of marketing tasks. Call us now and put a smile on those productivity advocates within your business.

Published by Andre Alford

As a registered Chartered Marketer since 2013, Andre has supported the growth of four businesses totalling £61m in combined additional revenue. He has full service marketing experience ranging from product definition to organizing tradeshows, PR campaigns and advertising campaigns. Previously a Chartered Engineer too, Andre is a person of considerable vision that has enabled him to come up with multiple innovative ideas and patents. His management experience comes from managing large teams, large projects and from being a director on the board of a web-directory service. Andre’s management style is a coaching-type one, where he enjoys helping others to discover and exploit their natural talents.

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