Cash in the attic

Discover the cash in your business attic. CEO Andre Alford goes through some examples of where your business can generate extra money without any cost what so ever.


  • Re-run previous email campaigns.
  • Re-use or re-purpose exhibition materials to provide Point Of Sale in other sales channels

Re-kindle previous relationships

  • Contact customers or clients who have switched to a competitor to find out how they are getting on.
    • KEEP it legitimate and avoid SELLING unless the ex-customer asks.
    • Using the same method of communication as you used when they were a customer.
    • Only contact them if they left you without any negative feelings.

Explore licencing or franchise options

  • Could you licence or franchise any of your services to third parties?

Tap your employees hidden value

  • Could you extend your service offering by tapping into employee skills? For example if you already offer a graphical design service and one of your employees is a passionate amateur photographer then consider asking them to offer their services through the companies books.

Sell redundant assets

  • Have you got money tied up in assets that are no longer cost effective to own and are easy to sell. E.g. Domain names?

Taking advantage of resignations

  • When marketing personnel leave the business do you really need to replace them? Consider the cost saving and flexibility offered by outsourcing and subcontractor hiring options.

If you would like a 1-2-1 with a Chartered Marketer to explore how to release potential cash in your business, then please book here.

Published by Andre Alford

As a registered Chartered Marketer since 2013, Andre has supported the growth of four businesses totalling £61m in combined additional revenue. He has full service marketing experience ranging from product definition to organizing tradeshows, PR campaigns and advertising campaigns. Previously a Chartered Engineer too, Andre is a person of considerable vision that has enabled him to come up with multiple innovative ideas and patents. His management experience comes from managing large teams, large projects and from being a director on the board of a web-directory service. Andre’s management style is a coaching-type one, where he enjoys helping others to discover and exploit their natural talents.

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