Stop reinventing the wheel

The wheel is arguably the single biggest productivity tool in human history

Who gives a monkeys about business productivity! Even reading this article is making me less productive and besides I don’t have the time, as there is so much work to do. Proctober is it! Well soon it will be Movember and I can save time by not having to shave my upper lip.

Go on, admit it. This is what your inner voice is saying, right? Well, maybe not the upper lip bit, anyway if there is one simple thing you can do to boost your productivity it is this…

Stop reinventing the wheel!

Seriously, I mean it. Even if you are a slick operator of productivity, are your staff? Let’s have a look at some of the quick wins you can implement in your business or get someone else to implement for you (us us us).

  • Establish a centralised toolkit for your sales team
    • All this has to be is a folder/file system where your sales staff can grab files while they are on the road. You probably already have sales pipeline software that allows you to do this for free. If not, then Dropbox is a great free way to do this. Examples of what can go into the toolkit is as follows:
      • Prices lists
      • Forms
      • PDF leaflets & brochures (can be emailed directly to the client)
      • Case studies
      • Excel cost calculators (useful to demonstrate cost savings to customer)
      • Datasheets
      • Legally required documentation e.g. material safety sheets etc
      • An internal ‘who is responsible for what’, guide
      • Quotation, invoice, schedule of work templates etc
      • Common email templates

  • Develop software tool champions who are already imbedded in your various teams
    • It is a fact that staff at the coal face don’t like to disturb senior members of the business, unless it is a small business. They find it much easier to approach someone within their ranks to help use various software tools effectively and efficiently. Consider champions for
      • Non-specific industry software tools like Windows 10, Office 365, printers etc
      • Specific industry software tools like CAD, Adobe, Matlab etc
      • Software services like Salesforce,, SAP etc
    • The champions could also be incentivised to periodically check that co-workers are aware of various new features or better ways of doing things etc

The next step

All a bit bewildering I know. But if you choose to action just one thing on this list then you are taking your first step to becoming a more productive business and that literally does pay dividends.

If you would like to discover more about how My Marketing Dept can help you implement these measures for your business then please contact me.

Published by Andre Alford

As a registered Chartered Marketer since 2013, Andre has supported the growth of four businesses totalling £61m in combined additional revenue. He has full service marketing experience ranging from product definition to organizing tradeshows, PR campaigns and advertising campaigns. Previously a Chartered Engineer too, Andre is a person of considerable vision that has enabled him to come up with multiple innovative ideas and patents. His management experience comes from managing large teams, large projects and from being a director on the board of a web-directory service. Andre’s management style is a coaching-type one, where he enjoys helping others to discover and exploit their natural talents.

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