One-off marketing tasks where you need to outsource the work.

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The benefits

Avoid overloading your in-house marketing resources or the cost to train them up to perform a one-off task.

  • Know that all work is fully guaranteed for twelve months, unless otherwise stated.
  • Enjoy fixed-priced quotes with no hidden fees or charges.
  • Get credited 20 My Coins for every £500, worth £20, exc VAT your company spends on the fixed-price work.
  • Get credited 10 My Coins, worth £10, when you sign up to receive our free marketing newsletter.

The details

The plan
Ideal for businesses who need to outsource one-off marketing work that needs to be completed by a certain date and at a fixed, all inclusive, cost.

Delivery of service
Outsourced work only, with primary communications via telephone, email, Zoom and MS Teams.

Who this plan would suit
Companies ranging from start-ups to medium size would all be suitable for this plan.

What to expect
When you call we will ask for your company name, where you are based and how you heard about us. We will ask you as many questions as we need to, regarding the task you wish to outsource you need, in order to give you a fixed-price quote.

We will then ask if you want to opt into receive our regular marketing newsletter ‘My Top Tips and Tools’ that provide ideas for growing your business. If you agree, we will need your email address too. Remember, you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

When is the plan available
Call us on 03302 235 835 anytime between 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays to request a fixed-price quote.

Where is this plan available
This plan is available to businesses based anywhere in the United Kingdom at the present time.

How to use this service
If you haven’t outsourced one-off marketing work before then consider the following questions:
1) What information will a third party need in order to complete the outsourced work?
2) Do you have the necessary support from key stakeholders to outsource this work?

Terms & Conditions
Companies that wish to pay on 30-day payment terms will undergo a credit check and if their score is too low, alternative payment arrangements may need to be discussed.

The price

We only offer fixed price, all inclusive, quotes for this plan and they are valid for three months. We will provide you with a bespoke quote to complete your marketing work. Total payment can be part-paid by My Coins at 1 My Coin : £1.00 ratio.

Call 03302 235 835 now to get a quote.

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