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The benefits

No matter how trivial or how ambitious your marketing needs are, we can help you. Whether you have a marketing project you want to outsource or the need to have an extra pair of hands in the office then we have support plan for you.

A unique choice

Unlike any other known UK marketing agency you have a choice how the work is done. You can choose between outsourcing marketing projects at an agreed inclusive fixed price or to hire a dedicated marketing subcontractor by-the-hour, for open end marketing activities.

The subcontractor option

You will keep your financial director happy if you decide to go for a subcontractor option, as our hourly labour rates are incredibly competitive. The hourly rate includes all pro-rata employer national insurance, pension, annual leave, sick leave and training costs.

Talent on demand

However, we know that marketing isn’t all about cost, it is about grabbing a marketing opportunity as soon as it arises. This is where talent-on-demand really pays dividends because with My Marketing Dept you have the resources when you need them and the savings in labour costs when you don’t.

Support plans

Select the support plan that is right for your business. We are happy to help you with any type of marketing work.

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Outsourcing plans

– Work done remotely –

My One-Off Outsourcing
Outsource any marketing work no matter how mundane or magnificent. Get an all inclusive fixed price quote now.

My Marketing Plan Check
Make sure your marketing plan is optimised for your business from the start. One fixed price. No sales pitch. No obligation. No pestering.

Subcontractor plans

– Work done remotely or in your office –

My Marketing Temp
Hired by the hour, have access to your very own marketing temp to direct as you please.

My Marketing Assistant
Hired by the hour, have access to your very own marketing assistant. Popular with clients wanting a reliable independent marketing resource, who can complete tasks unaided.

My Marketing Manager
Hired by the hour, have access to your very own Chartered Marketer. These personnel will turbo charge your marketing effectiveness through their many years of senior management marketing experience.

My Marketing Department
Hired as part of a monthly contract, you can access any combination of marketing temps, assistants or managers. This bespoke team will ensure that you can grab any opportunity, no matter how big.

Overseas customer support

My Marketing Dept also provides a full marketing service to customers based overseas who require support in the United Kingdom. We can offer you advice, be your contact in the UK or do anything else that would support your UK sales operation. For example, we get your existing marketing literature translated, printed and stored locally, available for next day delivery, so that you can avoid expensive air freight or long duration surface shipping.

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