We are a full service marketing agency

Services we offer in alphabetical order

As a national marketing agency we can help you analyse your data and provide you with insights that will surprise you.

Analytical data insights

There is a whole world of data out there, but it might surprise you to know that the most valuable data is your own. We will translate your data and provide you with the insights in plain English. We can then advise you what actions you can take to fully monetise these insights.

As a national marketing agency we will save you time, money and hassle by designing your own app.

App design

Depending on your business, having your own App may help your customers use your services or help differentiate your business from your competitors. We will design your App user interface (UI) from nothing or work with designs you may already have. Before any code has been written we can provide you with a complete virtual user experience (UX) of how your new App will look and feel on your mobile phone. Only once you have signed off the design, navigation, images, icons and text will the coding work begin.

Bid writing

We are able to provide support in the writing of technical bids and tenders. This includes written content, image, video, formatting and presentation assistance. Regardless to whether you need an extra pair of hands for a day or a dedicated resource from start to finish, we can help you. With over four years in-house experience of bid writing, our technical specialisms include; space technology, telecoms and civil engineering.


We provide a full branding service. We begin with getting to know what values drives the brand and the individual owners behind the brand. We will then set to work coming up with branding ideas that span all the touch points between the brand and its target audience. Within a timescale that suits both parties a brand image, including logos, will be presented and agreed with the main stakeholders of the business.

As a national marketing agency we will provide your business with all the sales collateral that it needs to grow its profits.

Brochures, leaflets and flyers

Brochures, leaflets and flyers are really the minimum marketing collateral that any business needs to expand. We will design marketing collateral for digital or print use and can even manage the stocks for you.

As a national marketing agency we will design, print and deliver the most amazing business cards.

Business cards

The predicted demise of the humble business card has yet to occur. Until it does, it still remains one of the most acceptable ways of leaving your new business prospect with a tangible reminder of your meeting and a way to contact you in the future. We will create the right stunning design to support your brand values and message.

As a national marketing agency we will design and deliver certificates, trophies and other types of award items in time for your event.

Certificate creation, trophies and medals

We can design, commission and arrange delivery of a large range of framed certificates, trophies or medals for you to award staff or to approved business associates.

As a national marketing agency we offer a consultancy service where we will work with you to grow your business.


A good marketing consultant is still one of the most-cost effective ways to grow your business. You can trust our consultants to grow your business as they will be financially incentivised to ensure long-term results. Not only will they advise you on marketing strategy, but they will also conduct a free marketing productivity audit and help your business to implement this strategy.

Free 1-2-1 marketing advice

Sometimes just free marketing advice, over Zoom, is all your business might need or realistically all your marketing budget can stretch too. Click here to book an appointment.

Email campaigns

Email campaigns still remain one of the most cost-effective ways to keep in touch with your customers or promote new related products and services to your opted-in audience. While ensuring you remain GDPR compliant, we will manage the entire process of email campaigns for your business or one-off project.

As a national marketing agency we will design, build and manage your exhibition stand requirements.

Exhibition stand design and graphics

Having a stand at an exhibition is still one of the best ways to meet new customers. We can help you with every aspect of booking, stand design, artwork, lighting, marketing collateral, promotional giveaways, eye-catching displays and audio visual marketing.

As a national marketing agency we will manage the logistics, shipping and storage of your exhibition stands.

Exhibition management, logistics and support

For a stand to deliver a good return on investment it must be well planned and during the exhibition itself, well managed. We can arrange shipping, export/import paperwork and resource management to ensure the exhibition goes without a hitch. We will even provide storage of your stand between exhibitions, if required.

As a national marketing agency we will design and arrange for your logo to be securely mounted to the outside of your business premises.

External signage

Even in a digital world your business may still need physical outdoor signage. We can design, manage the manufacture and oversee the installation of this signage as a complete package.

As a national marketing agency we will initiate, manage and optimise your Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads campaigns

Providing your existing visitor-to-customer conversion rate is high enough, then Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google can be a very profitable way to rapidly grow your business. However, it also remains an effective method of losing money unless you know how to optimise individual campaigns. We can manage your Google Adword account for you and by working in collaboration with your sales team, deliver a positive return on investment. 

As a national marketing agency we will manage and securely store all your property that you ask us to create or modify.

Graphical asset management and storage

We will manage and store any digital assets we have created for you, free of charge. We reserve the right to charge a small annual fee if you wish to add branding or graphical assets produced by third parties.

Graphical design, including logos

We will create the bespoke and unparalleled graphical designs that your business needs to put it ahead of your competitors. How all your touch points appear to your potential customers is absolutely critical to your sales conversion rate. The right graphics, including your logo, should always deliver the right first impression.

As a national marketing agency we will create, manage and operate your mobile messaging campaigns.

Mobile text message campaigns

Although sending a message by SMS text message costs a few pence, it does have some advantages over email. Open rates are typically around 90% and response rates are higher too. We can advise and manage the whole process from start to finish, including help with GDPR rules.

As a national marketing agency we will help overseas clients to establish sales activity within the UK.

Overseas customer support

If your business is based outside the UK, but you want local help, support or just a friendly face to assist you with your UK sales operation then we are well positioned to be your ‘UK contact’. In the first instance please call +44123456789 between the hours 10:00-16:00 GMT, Mon-Fri or email enquiries@mymarketingdept.co.uk

As a national marketing agency we will design the right packaging for you business. Furthermore, we will store it and have it delivered to you as and when required.

Packaging design

We can design most types of packaging ranging from luxury goods to industrial shipping. We can arrange the manufacture, storage and the ability to call off stock as and when you need it via an online portal.

As a national marketing agency we will develop and design all the point of sale items you will need to drive your business forward.

Point of sale materials

Many businesses need some type of Point of Sale materials. Ranging from branded leaflet holders to concession stands. We can offer advice as to which POS material will provide you with the greatest return on investment. We will also encourage you to look at any exist POS materials with critical eye, as some materials can degrade or show wear after a few years of use.

As a national marketing agency we will organise and manage postal campaigns on your behalf.

Postal campaigns

Sometimes the old methods work the best depending on the service or product you are trying to sell and who you are trying to sell to. Your conversion rate is particularly important for postal campaigns. Make sure you have a profit margin that can easily justify this relatively costly method of communication.

As a national marketing agency we will take professional images of your staff or products to ensure that they are presented in the best light possible.

Professional staff and product photography

Have your staff, office and products encapsulated in the best pixels money can buy by using our photography service.

As a national marketing agency we will design, order, store and deliver a very wide range of promotional branded items.

Promotional branded items

Giving away branded promotional items at trade shows or at sales pitch meetings can be a great way to strengthen your brand and leave a positive lasting impression on potential customers that you are trying to acquire. We can advise you which promotional items should deliver the best return of investment and arrange for their manufacture, storage and delivery.

As a national marketing agency we will create, manage and allow easy access to all the tools that your sales team needs to win new business.

Sale toolkit creation and maintenance

Supporting your roaming sales force so that they always have the latest marketing literature, case studies, interactive cost calculators (comparing your value proposition to your competitors), price lists, technical datasheets and videos, is a worthwhile investment. We can manage and maintain the whole toolkit for you.

As a national marketing agency we will make sure your business website can be easily found by your prospective customers.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

In today’s digital and time short world it is vital that your business website can be found on the first page on Google, using key search terms that your potential customers are likely to use. We will fully evaluate how well your website is performing and produce a short report what needs to be done to improve performance. Alternatively, we can make these changes for you.

Translation services

If you are serious about developing your oversea markets then it is vital that you get your marketing and technical documents translated professionally. We can manage all this for you including the printing and storage of such material until it is ready to be sent abroad.

As a national marketing agency we will arrange for the very best video that fits your budget.

Video production and animation

Video is a great way to get your message across to your audience. Whether it is for staff training, product information or simply promotionally focused, the structure and quality of the video has to match your brand. We take great pride in the videos we make and we make sure that they will convey the right message to your audience.

As a national marketing agency we will design a new website for you.

Website design

We will design your website user interface (UI) from scratch or work with designs you may already have. Before any code has been written we can provide you with a complete virtual user experience (UX) of how your new website will look and feel on your computer. Only once you have signed off the design, navigation, images, icons and text will the coding work begin.

As a national marketing agency we will create digital copy for your editorials, advertorials or blogs.

Written copy, editorials, advertorials and blogs

Well written copy, will not only help you draw in more direct customers to your business, but will also help your website be displayed higher up the search rankings through improved SEO. Using your facts, figures and images we will write a compelling and SEO optimized text that readers will want to read and act upon.

As a national marketing agency we will manage all your social media activities required to grow your business.

Youtube and social media support

Particularly the younger generation, expect a business to have a social media presence. We will ensure that your business has the appropriate social media channels set up and if you want us too, we will maintain your social media presence with fresh and engaging content that will add new leads to your sales funnel.

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