Five good reasons why you should outsource your marketing

The benefits of outsourcing

The are many reasons to outsource marketing work and the most common tasks can be categorised as advice. There are a number of barriers to getting expert strategic advice from your own employees. Firstly, they will feel constrained in telling you only what you want to hear. Secondly, they may not be up-to-date with all the latest marketing advancements that will drive customers to your business. Finally, they may be reluctant to risk their careers through fear that their advice might turn out to be wrong.

Other typical reasons to outsource marketing work are listed below.

  • You would rather leave the marketing to the experts and focus your time on other parts of the business

  • No one knows your products better than you do, but sometimes it is possible to be so embedded in your own work, as to find it difficult to see the bigger picture

  • Employing your own marketing manager or team may seem like the cheaper option, but by the time recruitment, HR admin, training costs are taken into account, it is often not the case. This is not to mention the risk you take by hiring someone who’s CV can sometimes turn out to be better than the person. Taken all into consideration you might find one of our support plans is an all around better option

  • You need to keep your fixed costs low and your resource flexible, so as to match supply with varying demand

  • The My Marketing Temp and My Marketing Assistant support plans have been specifically designed for your existing in-house marketing resource to use in times of high demand. This gives you the flexibility of additional growth without the burden of additional permanent resource

Important points to consider

Although there is no risk or drawback from outsourcing, you have to decide what is right for your business right now. What is your business priority at the moment? What is it you are trying to achieve and by when? Whatever you do, make sure you have the support of your management team. If you, as we hope you will, decide to utilise our services, then you can rest assured that we are ready to help you in anyway we can.

What to expect

You should expect a rapid response to any enquiry. From the very beginning My Marketing Dept has developed its own highly productive workflow process and network of skilled marketers to ensure that you get the best, quickest and most competitive marketing help possible.

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